Hermit crabs scuttle across the sand. Each has its own unique shell. Pieces of coral clink together as the waves gently wash them around. I snorkel the reef, and see blue and orange spotted sea stars. A clam shell half a metre wide. Spiky black urchins, with spikes as long as my fingers. I walk along the beach and around the headland, there are caves in the cliffs, and the rainforest hangs down from above. Fishermen go out in brightly coloured wooden rowboats, then drag them back up the beach.

We cook on an open fire, under a shelter made of palm thatch. I sit at the water’s edge, a fried fish in one hand, and a sweet potato in the other. The best breakfast ever. I feel like I could stay here forever, eating coconuts, bananas, fish and sweet potatoes.

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